The Resilience Fund

A fund for survivors of sexual violence to choose our own support to recover, afford actual treats and have a fucking break like we deserve.

Who we are:

We offer mini grants and mini loans which we fundraise entirely through independent fundraisers and donations. We do not accept grants or corporate funding to make sure we as survivors are not restricted as to how we operate. We also offer support in the means of gifts and experiences.
As survivors ourselves we know how important it is to be able to look after ourselves and to take breaks from our trauma.

This fund has been set up to change the fucking way we support one another.
Since removing ourselves from problematic support services/organisations and experiencing the very real uncertainty of where we are going politically, we need something totally different and we need to get this off the ground. Now.

Rather than dictating how/when/why/in what form or capacity a person receives or accesses support, this fund is trying to give some amount of power back to us as survivors and individuals who need a fucking break and to be in control of how we heal. This is needed.

What kind of things is it for?

Anything that will make you feel great, feel like a present, give you a break or just make your day that bit easier because you fucking deserve it! 

We do not determine what this means to you, it could be anything.
Maybe you want to buy a giant cake, to go to the cinema, buy some lavender oil, buy a bottle of prosecco, have a swim, get a takeaway, buy a new pillow, buy some great underwear, get a bus to a new place, buy yourself some flowers, take your friend for a coffee, buy some bath salts, go to a dance class, buy a big box of chocolates, go to a sauna, buy some nice herbal tea, a manicure, buy some facemasks, pay a nagging bill, get a taxi somewhere, buy some art materials, go to a gig, cook for a friend or just for some extra cash in your pocket… Or anything that will give you a little bit of time or relief to build or maintain your resilience. 
There will be no judgement and no expectation to tell how you intend to spend the money.

At the moment we have very small amounts available for treats (£5 and £10 only) but we hope to offer larger amounts when our fund has grown.